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As gentle and light the sounds that come from a piano are, moving a piano is ironically complicated and overwhelming. Heavy and difficult to grip, all around, it’s one of the toughest items for even the most experienced of moving companies to handle. That’s not even counting the size of a piano making it difficult to move in and out of doorways, up and down stairs, and loading and unloading from the moving truck. Needless to say, it takes a very special set of skills to move a piano.

Thankfully, Midtown Movers is an experienced and expert team of piano movers with the knowledge and resources to successfully move and transport a piano from one location to its next destination. Since 2010, we have performed hundreds of moves throughout Toronto, the province, and Canada. In this time, we have had our fair share of moving instruments, including pianos. As troublesome as the weight and size may be, it’s not anything we haven’t handled before.

Hire Professional For Piano Moving

Typically, when it comes to moving a piano, expect to receive large cost quotes from most moving companies in Toronto. In the fortunate and/or unfortunate circumstance that you have a grand piano, expect the process of relocating the instrument to be an even bigger challenge. Its weight and size create a problem that can be a nightmare if you haven’t already chosen to go with a piano moving company.

The first thing we like to do when discussing with a potential customer the process of moving a piano is not to think of it like a burden. Sure, if you attempt it on your own, you may be risking injury to yourself or damage to the instrument. If you choose to work with Midtown Movers though, we have specialized training in piano moving, and have the equipment and tools required to ensure the job is performed correctly and safely. As some members on our team are musicians themselves, we understand the importance in keeping an instrument in pristine shape. Rest assured that, under the watch and care of Midtown Movers, no damage will come to your instrument.

As one of Toronto’s top piano moving companies, we’re here to provide the ultimate piano moving service. Safety is our highest concern while in transportation, and when being loaded and unloaded from the moving vehicle. Regardless of size, we can move any piano.

The way contemporary pianos have been built for nearly a century has been done with the idea that they will have to be moved at some point. Every type of piano comes with its own method, in terms of how to move it most safely. Specially trained in piano moving for all types, we will ensure protective cushioned moving blankets, protective plastic wrap, and additional security measures are taken to ensure no harm comes to the instrument or its aesthetic beauty.

Selecting Midtown Movers as your piano moving company, we bring to the table fast, safe transportation, years of experience handling similar instruments, and affordable pricing that is based on the needs of each individual client. Also, receive free insurance and an all-around stress-free experience guaranteed. If you have concerns about moving your instrument, we would be happy to answer any questions.


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Elina S.
Elina S.
2018-01-15 14:00:34
Great company, metropolitan movers were efficient, professional and very respectful to my belongings. The movers were skilled in packing and moving my stuff...
Alexander K.
Alexander K.
2017-12-11 11:16:21
Great guys! Pleasure to work with. My number one priority for moving service. Will call you soon guys!
Ben P.
Ben P.
2017-07-10 07:12:46
My 7th time using Metropolitan Movers, this time I needed man power to unload a 53' trailer in the middle of Midtown Toronto. I was very impressed with Leon...
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